MU8– Look GR8, Feel GR8, BE GR8!

At MU8, we embark on a transformative journey to redefine the world of grassroots sports& Grassroots Gear!  Our vision is to be more than just another independent sportswear brand, we want to help support the growth and sustainability of the game whilst underpinning yourclubs proposition with the quality, accessibility and affordability to ensure your teams stand out with pride, and deliver a GR8 performance!

We are authenticate in our approach and understand the importance of any Grassroots Game for Health & Wellbeing, Social Interaction, Life Skills & Education, which is why we like to build partnerships & relationships with clients, not just a ‘one off’ faceless transaction.

Led by our visionary team we have over 30 years experience in grassroots sports, and our passion for offering all the opportunities we can whatever the game is unwavering, including delivering bespoke, quality apparel without breaking the bank! Our goal is simple yet profound - To deliver a range of bespoke sportswear for the Grassroots Game, that embodies precision, durability, and style, all offered at a price point that welcomes playersof all ages, from all walks of life.


Looking GR8

Feeling GR8


Grassroots Roots:

We are not a faceless corporation. We come from the grassroots, just like you! We understand the struggles, the aspirations, and the joy that sport brings. We pride ourselves on the relationship we have with clubs & coaches as we develop your very own branding and Bespoke products.  Our gear is made by grassroots game players for grassroots game players!

Attention to Detail:

Every stitch, every material, and every design element of our sports gear is crafted to ensure maximum performance, comfort, and style. We create products that resonate with the grassroots community, and are always looking at new innovative designs and materials!

Sustainability Champions:

Our focus is ever more on ensuring a greener and more eco-friendly approach to apparel production. From innovative materials to minimising waste, and ethical working practices MU8 really is focused on the ‘next generation’.

Empowerment Agenda:

Our mission extends beyond just sports gear. Our new members network “Illumin8” encourages those involved in the grassroots game, regardless of age, gender and race and background,to join us in building a supportivecommunity that uplifts and encourages each other to share best practice and ideas to keep making our game even better!

Affordable Excellence:

We offer quality products at affordable prices because we believe everyone deserves access to GR8 bespoke branded gear without compromise.  Hopefully you will agree the look, feel and price is GR8 and you’ll keep coming back for more!


You'll be impressed by the diverse array of sports teams we serve. Whether it's basketball or bowls, rugby or lacrosse, our match and training kits are expertly designed to meet the specific physical needs of different sports, irrespective of your skill level.

Our advanced kit designer allows you to select from a range of team sports and personalize our top designs using 27 commonly used Pantone colors. Additionally, you have the option to customize match numbers, player names, and sponsor logo positions.

We have established strong partnerships with leading universities, schools, and colleges, many of which boast a rich sporting legacy. MU8 takes great pride in being a premier provider of personalized teamwear for sports in both further and higher education institutions in the UK.



MU8 is the custom sports brand of the Touchline Group, a prominent team sports match kit and off-field teamwear supplier in the UK. We have extensive experience in designing, producing, and customizing team sports apparel.




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“Great quality kit & coaches gear, at a great price and a speedy turnaround!”

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