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SureSport Ltd – t/a MU8 Sports
Terms & Conditions of use & sale.

Please read our terms & conditions carefully PRIOR to purchase. Any payment made for goods
is acceptance that you have read & fully understood our terms & condition of sale.

1. These terms and conditions apply to all services provided by MU8 to the Customer.
2. Quotes are issued to a customer and unless advised otherwise will be valid for 14 days.
3. Quotations provided WILL NOT include a delivery cost. This will be priced individually once MU8
are in receipt of the final order.
4. Average delivery timescales are 3/4 weeks for bespoke sublimated playing kits. More technical
pieces such as hoody, jacket, tracksuit etc… will take on average 5/6 weeks. MU8 cannot be
accounatble for external influencing factors (ie. Postal strikes, Customs delays, etc..) Delivery
timescales can vary depending on demand. Small quantity ‘top ups’ (<5 items) will only be
considered for “Illumin8” network members.
5. The customer agrees to make payment in full before any order can be processed (once Finalised).
If any payment owing to MU8 after issue of an invoice is overdue, MU8 may choose to recover the
debt through the use of a collection agency where necessary. The customer is therefore
responsible for all costs incurred including any legal fees which may be accrued by MU8 in
recovering overdue payments.
6. MU8 will try and assist with sizing and will confirm design spec, but the final approval is the
customers responsibility. If wrong sizes are ordered, or there is an error in design which has been
approved by the customer, MU8 will not provide a refund or exchange as these are bespoke
products which cannot be resold.
7. If there is an error in manufacture/production where the final garment differs
significantly from the agreed mock up / design suplied to the customer, then MU8 may offer a
discount. MU8 in most instances will remake the product aligned to the correct specification.
8. Please note, a sizing tolerence of upto 2cm will apply to all garments. Our garments are
passed through machinery and other processes which may stretch or distort the
sizing of the garment. Any size variations within and upto 2cm will be considered
as correct sizing.
9. MU8 reserves the right to decline or cancel any order in whole, or part, at any time prior to
delivery of the goods, without obligation.
10. Once artwork / mock ups are approved for manufacture by the client MU8 cannot make any
further changes . It is the customers responsibility to check this throughly before approving any

11. All of our GR8 Grassroots / Leisurewear products are bespoke and cannot be returned. MU8 will
not accept returns on the basis of size or colour. In the unlikely event of a faulty garment MU8 will
accept the return providing it is within 1 month of purchase. We will look to either resolve the
issue, replace the faulty garment or issue a credit note to the value of the faulty product. MU8 will
support their clients to ensure the order is closely checked prior to manufacture because once the
final approval is received this is what will be produced. All questions or queries can be directed to
our GR8 team
12. MU8 shall not be held accountable for normal variations in colour and finishing, dimensions of
graphics, weight or certain availibility of materials.
13. The customer agrees to have MU8 logo and branding displayed on the goods in accordance
with any specifications, illustrations or drawings supplied by MU8.
14. Where goods are supplied to the customers specifications, The customer indemnifies MU8
from any liability, loss or damage suffered by MU8 in respect of any claim that the goods infringe
any patent, design or similar rights.
15. Except for any customer supplied artwork, all intellectual property rights in the Goods is
owned by MU8 and it’s subsidiaries. The customer agrees that they will not do anything to
challenge or invalidate ownership of MU8 and its subsidiaries Intellectual Property Rights.
16. Where the company has designed, developed or made artwork to be used on or
incorporated into the Goods for the customer, then the intellectual property rights shall remain
with MU8 for the Artwork / mock up or designs supplied.
17. The customer acknowledges and agrees that they are responsible for ensuring that any logo,
mock up or Artwork which is applied to designs and apparels, does not infringe the intellectual
property rights of any third party. The customer also acknowledges that it would not be feasible
nor economical for MU8 to check or review any artwork supplied by the customer to ensure
intellectual propert rights have not been infringed.
18. Application of artwork onto garments may differ to onscreen designs. MU8 will not be held
liable for any differences deemed reasonable. Heat transfer artwork will peel or crack over time.
It is the customers responsibility to ensure duty of care and correct maintenance of apparels to
ensure the longevity of goods.
19. The customer accepts that embroidered artwork may not look exactly like the digital artwork
supplied especially where there is a lot of intricate detail in the original artwork. Colour
matching of embroidery may not be exactly like the artwork supplied. MU8 will find the nearest
matching thread colour when embroidering artwork onto garments.
20. SureSport Ltd T/A MU8 reserve the right to offer additional incentives to clubs as and when
is deemed appropriate. In addition to this “Illumin8” exclusive members network will from time
to time offer discounts and promotions to its members. The management reserve the right to
withdraw these incentives at any time.
21. MU8 accept no responsibility for postage of goods to clients. Such losses are not insured
and are the responsibility of the customer.
22. In the event where MU8 is delayed, hindered or otherwise prevented from complying with
these terms and conditions by reason of events or circumstances beyond the reasonable control
of MU8 including but not limited to acts of God, wars, riots, strikes lockouts, trade disputes,
labour disturbances, breakdown of plant or machinery, accident, storm, fire, flood, difficulties in
obtaining materials, transport or labour or any other circumstance affecting the supply of Goods
& Services, then MU8 shall not be liable to the customer whether as a direct or indirect result of
such occurences.

MU8 is a trading name of SureSport Ltd. A company that is registered in the United Kingdom. Company number – 12777754
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