Look GR8 & Feel GR8!


Look GR8 & Feel GR8!


Keeping your MU8 Grassroots Gear looking Gr8!

Disclaimer: Most fabrics discolour due to staining by substances such as mud & grass
which will not always be entirely removed by washing. Soaking garments as soon as
possible can help to reduce discolouration.

1. Remove as much mud from the garment as possible after play and BEFORE
washing / soaking.
2. DO NOT leave kit bundled (Kitbag, Car Boot, etc..) The sooner the kit can be
washed the less chance of staining.
3. Always follow detergent manufacturer’s instructions. Heavy stains may
require repeated rubbing & soaking with stain removers.
4. Avoid using bleach. This will damage fabrics.
5. DO NOT exceed washing temperature of 30 Degrees wash cycle otherwise
this will ‘set in’ stains rather than remove them, and cause damage to the
garment itself! Where possible wash garments inside out
6. DO NOT Tumble Dry! Allow garment to dry naturally.
7. DO NOT Iron.
8. RAINWEAR garments must NOT BE washed. Instead they should be wiped
down with a wet cloth. A washing cycle will affect some forms of printing &
transfers. Washing causes deterioration and ‘peeling’. It also starts to
breakdown the water resistant layering of the garment. It is recommended
that a water repellent spray is applied to the garment at regular intervals.
9. When washing ‘sublimated jerseys’, it is recommended to use a ‘colour
catcher’ product to prevent colours from running into each other! (NB:
Sublimated = if the inside layer of the garment is white but the outer layer is
a different colour!)
10. Some clothing contain choking hazards. Clothing with Zip pullers are not
suitable for children under 4 years old.

These are bespoke grassroots garments. They are robust and hardwearing garments but
only if all care instructions are followed and users respect the garment.
Suresport Ltd t/a MU8 do not accept any responsibility or liability for any garment
damaged where the above instructions are not followed. Manufacturers are able to tell
when garments are washed at too high temperature, as the material will go limp, colours
fade, and any printing / transfers will start to peel away.

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