Look GR8 & Feel GR8!


Look GR8 & Feel GR8!


MU8 – From Grassroots to Greenshoots!

MU8 believes that all Grassroots Gladiators and those in and around amateur sport, whether playing, coaching or supporting, should Look GR8 & Feel GR8!

Based in the midlands and having been involved with grassroots football for many seasons and seen how the ‘big brands’ over the years have failed to support the grassroots game (discontinued products, high prices, no incentives for repeat business, hidden charges etc….) We decided at MU8 to launch a service that is bespoke to the clubs we service. Our independent brand looks to develop partnerships with clubs and work with them to ‘build their own brand’. We approach our customers with honesty and transparency and always look to offer the very best service we can, offering Grassroots Gear you can be proud of without costing the earth!


To deliver bespoke branding that celebrates individuality, offering a fusion of style and performance. Quality & innovation is our cornerstone. Service is our heartbeat, providing a dedicated customer experience that sets us apart from our competitors

Our Mission

To redefine relationships with those in the grassroots game, delivering excellence, collaboration, quality and support so that your unique narrative is identifiable, expressed, celebrated, and unstoppable.

Look GR8 & Feel GR8 in MU8

Empowering Excellence

The combination of our vision & mission ensures we are right on track to not only deliver a GR8 service combined with GR8 innovative products for the Grassroots Game, but also ensures continued broader support for clubs who rely so heavily on fantastic volunteers to make their clubs a success.  With no discontinued products, competitive pricing, partnership benefits and support when YOU need it we are super proud to support and work with so many GR8 clubs and businesses!


Honest and transparent from final confirmation to delivery is roughly 4-6 weeks.


We are so much more than just a kit transaction!!


The comfort and style of all our Grassroots Game players, coaches & supporters is at the forefront of what MU8 strive to deliver. We want everyone to feel proud to wear the badge, whilst offering true value for the money being spent!

Love your Club? Join our Club!

BRAND NEW - Illumin8

It’s FREE for your club to join our unique Illumin8 members network, and coming onboard will save your club more money, give you free access to our designers, offer you a more dedicated and bespoke service, and lots more……….
Joining Illumin8 is simple, all your club has to do is agree to a deal for 2 years with MU8 being your exclusive provider of playing kit and training wear for the duration. In return you will benefit from all of the following
Why not checkout some of those clubs and businesses HERE  who have already been enlightened!
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